Undergraduate Qualifications
WAEC O/L 1989
Postgraduate Qualifications
Bachelor of Surgery and Bachelor of Medicine
Professional Qualifications
Fellow National Post Graduate Medical College of Nigeria, Faculty of Otorhinolaryngology Part I 2007: Fellow West African College of Surgeons, Faculty of Otorhinolaryngology Part I 2009: Fellow National Post Graduate Medical College of Nigeria, Faculty of Otorhinolaryngology Part II
Books Published
Chapter 13 of National Postgraduate Medical College of Nigeria Faculty of Otorhinolarhingology- Head and Neck Surgery Pocket Revision Guide: 2019
Edited by Prof Olege. ISBN: 978.978.57612-0-7

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Previous Employment
2019 Senior Lecturer (Otorhinolaryngologist), Department of Surgery Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka
2014-Date Senior Lecturer (Otorhinolaryngologist), Department of Surgery Ambrose Ali University Ekpoma
2011 Upgraded to Lecturer I (Otorhinolaryngologist), Department of Surgery, Ambrose Ali University Ekpoma
2007 Lecturer II (Otorhinolaryngologist), Department of Surgery Ambrose Ali University Ekpoma