Dr. Chika J. B. Gabriel Okpalike is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Religion and Human Relations. He specialized in African Traditional Religion and African Philosophy (Mysticism and Metaphysics); he researches and lectures in related areas.
Undergraduate Qualifications
B. Phil., BA (Philosophy), BA (Theology)
Postgraduate Qualifications
MA (African Philosophy), MA (African Traditional Religion), PhD (African Traditional Religion)
Books Published
Ichuaja in Igbo Traditional Religion, New York: IUniverse Publishers.

Boniface the Strong: Social and Religious Connections and Disconnections of a Twentieth Century Igbo, Enugu: Pearl Functions Limited

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Previous Employment
i. Lecturer, Pope John Paul II Major Seminary, Okpuno, Awka, Nigeria (An Affiliate of Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, Nigeria). 2004-2008