Dr. Esther Anyanwu is a renowned scholar of English language and Literature, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka. She teaches English and her research interest areas are: English as a Second Language (ESL), Sociolinguistics, Phonetics and phonology.
Undergraduate Qualifications
B.ED English
Postgraduate Qualifications
M.A. English, Ph.D. English
Professional Qualifications
Books Published
Essentials of English Practice, (Odochi & Anyanwu, eds), Awka: Amaka Dreams Ltd.
Rudiments of English Usage, (Odochi & Anyanwu, & Ugwu , eds.) Awka: Amaka Dreams

1. The Concept of Bilingualism and Its Limiting Factors. Published by Madonna Journal of English and Literary Studies (MAJELS) Volume 2 Number 3. Published in the year 2012. Pages 99-105.
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15. Corpus Linguistic Analysis of Fear-Factor Lexemes of Selected Online Newspaper Headlines on Coronavirus Pandemic by Esther Anyanwu and Victoria Udoh. Published in IDOSR Journal of Communication and English. Volume 5 (1) Pp 76-83, 2020. www.idosr.org

16. Language and Multicultural Contact. An Investigation into the Effect of English on Nigerian Languages by Victoria Udoh and Esther Anyanwu. Published in IDOSR Journal of Communication and English. Volume 5 (1) Pp 66-75, 2020. www.idosr.org

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18. The Place of Stylistics in Literary Studies by Abana Ifeoma & Esther Anyanwu Published in Global Journal of Education, Humanities and Management Sciences (GOJEHMS) Vol. 2 No. 1, July 2020 pg. 71-79. www.gojehms.com.
Previous Employment
Tansian University, Umunya (2007-2013)