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Interest Includes: Waste management and control. Air, water and soil quality assessment,human exposure to contaminants and risk characterization . Advanced waste water treatment using agro- waste materials.
Synthesis and characterization of coordinate compounds for drugs and industrial development and that of inorganic materials for the future.
Undergraduate Qualifications
• Higher National Diploma: Chemistry 1986 • Post Graduate Diploma; Science Tech.: Chemistry. 1996• Administrative Staff College of Nigeria (ASCON) 2000• Certificate in Computer Literacy 2007
Postgraduate Qualifications
• Master of Technology: Chemical Tech. (Anal – Chem/Instrumention) 1998• Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) Industrial Chemistry 2005
Professional Qualifications
1. Member, Chemical Society of Nigeria 2. Member, Solar Energy of Nigeria 3. Professional Member, Institute of Charted Chemist of Nigeria 4 Chartered Member, waste Management Society of Nigeria
Books Published
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Previous Employment
1. Auxiliary Teacher; Agulu Grammar School, Agulu 1980-1981
2. Lab Technician: (Industrial Attachment 1982) NNPC Warri 1982-1983
3. Quality Control Officer: Agbara Plastic Industrial, Lagos 1986-1987
4. Principal Officer: Anambra State Post Primary School Service
Commission, Awka 1987-2005